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Making health and care technology better for everyone in Scotland

NES Digital Service was established in 2018 to deliver the National Digital Platform, a central part of Scotland's Digital Health and Care Strategy. 

We are a multi-disciplinary and growing team tasked with building infrastructure, products and services which all together represents an evolution in how health and care technology is delivered, managed and experienced in Scotland.

While the focus of our work appears to be all about data, technology and services, it is all in support of better health and care. Because the systems we are building mean that the people who care for you will have the information they need to do their job, have it at the right time and be able to trust that it is accurate, safe and secure.

SCI-Diabetes image

SCI-Diabetes: supporting diabetes care across Scotland

The National Clinical Data Store image

The National Clinical Data Store

ReSPECT User Interface image

ReSPECT User Interface

ReSPECT Design Sprint image

ReSPECT Design Sprint

What People are Saying

"There's a clear message from the Digital Health and Care Strategy - technology shouldn’t be an add-on - it should be incorporated into our work. We need a common approach and architecture to technology -and that’s starting to happen. The fundamental change we need to make is to put the citizen in charge of their own health- that has so many benefits in terms of improving health and will change the way we do things in healthcare”.

Geoff Huggins - Director, NDS

Geoff Huggins - Director, NDS image

"The National Digital Platform has, at its core, a patient-centred record, a ‘single source of truth’ containing all the information professionals and citizens need at the point of care. This is Realistic Medicine. It is innovative and transformational. It will ensure that patient data, including key information about what matters most to the individual, is accessible across the health and care system at all times."

Dr Cath Calderwood, Scotland's Chief Medical Officer

Dr Cath Calderwood, Scotland's Chief Medical Officer image