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Geoff Huggins: November 26, 2018

Geoff Huggins gives us an insight into a typical week as NDS Director, working with stakeholders to plan the National Digital Platform:

Monday 19 November –It’s essential that the National Digital Platform fits in with other ongoing and upcoming IT developments. So this week kicked off with a morning meeting giving IT consultants an update on our approach, to help inform their business case for a new hospital information system. In the afternoon, I discussed mental health with Fran Silvestri from the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership and Donna Bell from the Scottish Government.

Tuesday. There’s also a need to make sure that the component parts of the NHS are all pulling in the same direction. Today began with NHS NES and NHS NSS to discuss collaboration. NHS NSS are leading on the Community Health Index replacement and the move to Office 365. In the afternoon, we discussed progress on expert systems and how Decision Support tools can work with the platform. Finally, I closed by meeting with Alexander Holt and Katy McNeil from CivTech to update and talk about how we can ensure the NHS can be ready for the best health innovation coming out of their process.

Wednesday. Off to Glasgow to meet with Anna Dominiczak and see the University of Glasgow’s investment in academic infrastructure for innovation and collaboration at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Campus. Wow! There’s lots going on and lots to do, and data is fundamental to the work. In the evening I was lucky enough to attend a talk by Sam Conniff about his Be More Pirate philosophy. It’s truly inspirational and challenging and could be the play-book for social innovation and change. There’s plenty to follow up on there – health is the most common subject that people tell him needs disrupted in a good way.

Thursday. An excellent dialogue with Scottish General Practitioners to talk about what we are doing at NES Digital Service and how we want to work with primary care. They’ve got a clear appetite for change with a focus on improving patient outcomes and collaboration. A good bunch of people to work with, they were clear with us that they wanted to be directly involved in the development of new services and technology.

Friday. The week closed with a discussion with Nesta about their digital priorities. Later, me and colleagues were interviewing for someone to come and work with us on information governance and data issues. It’s essential that we get that right and we have two excellent candidates, fingers crossed that we get someone!

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