Our approach / How we do things is as important as what we do

Not only is the National Digital Platform central to what we are making, the idea of platforms – reliable stable things which you can build other things upon - is central to our approach. That is why – whether it’s in engineering, design or areas such as clinical safety and information governance – when working in one context we look to create models and other assets which can be used again and again in other contexts.


We are structured as cross-functional delivery teams made up of engineers, designers, clinical leads and product managers and use agile methodologies. Our user-centred design practice aligns well with the Scottish Approach to Service Design and when relevant, delivery teams are supported by our security, information governance and policy specialists. Through design, development and delivery, we work in an iterative way, capturing feedback and improving the experience over time.

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Clinical Safety

Everything that we delivery into a care or clinical environment will be safe. We ensure this by a rigorous clinical safety process through which all aspects of our applications are assessed by a range of experts and stakeholders, hazards identified and minimised through the development process.

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Security and Information Governance

When working with clinical care data, it is essential that appropriate measures are taken to ensure both the security and governance considerations are in place. Just as with clinical safety, all of our work passes through rigorous security and information governance processes before they go live.

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Our Approach to Inequalities

Our work in NDS will enable people in Scotland to access health and social care information when they need it in an appropriate, safe way, but we know that not everyone is able to go online.  We also know that people who have less resources are less likely to be able to access the services they need. That includes digital services. That's why our work will take an inclusive approach, one that considers both why people are digitally excluded and the steps we can take to improve and support digital inclusion. We are committed to impact assessing our products and services and we will make sure that people are at the centre of everything we do.  

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